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The challenge

Bell strategically selected Mirego to develop the mobile Bell Fibe TV app to cater to its customers’ mobile-first environment. Given that user experience was at the core of this major endeavor, agility and creativity were necessary to ensure that Bell’s acclaimed quality TV services remained intact at all times. Due to the complex and intricate data infrastructure, Bell felt that the Mirego team was fully equipped to tackle this challenge with characteristic aplomb.

The solution

Optimizing Bell’s tech landscape meant that the Mirego team had to develop an integrative and adaptive solution that met long-term sustainability requirements. New and innovative programming processes streamlined the development of both the iOS and Android apps, which now offer an identical user experience to customers using either platform. The Bell Fibe TV project also allowed the Mirego team to showcase its ability to craft a user interface that is technologically sustainable, and that enhances the complex data infrastructure without compromising the product’s renowned quality.

Bell Canada chose to partner with the Mirego team for the development of its Fibe TV mobile app due to their pixel perfect attention to detail and skill.

Shawn Omstead Vice President, Residential Product Management at Bell Canada
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The result

With the Bell Fibe TV app developed by Mirego, Bell customers have access to all of their favorite TV services and content, right from their smartphones and tablets, empowering them with complete TV control. Now, consumers can watch their favorite shows, browse the TV guide, record programs, and control any of their Bell TV services from a distance.

Tech-savvy customers can even customize their TV experience right from their wrist with the Apple Watch extension and a new tvOS application allows them to access virtually all content available on their TV service directly on Apple TV making Bell the first Canadian television service available on Apple TV.

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