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La Presse

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The challenge

The world of media has gone through deep transformations over the last few years. The team at La Presse, aware of the need to adapt its methods, decided to make significant structural changes in 2010 and to focus on smartphones and tablets. At the time, Mirego was approached for its mobile strategy and development services in order to support La Presse with its major overhaul, as well as to empower their strategic thinking and help them quickly grow their business.

The solution

Mirego helped La Presse define the different technological challenges associated to various ongoing projects and to the transformation they wanted to initiate. Since La Presse had no mobile design and development team at the time, Mirego helped the news company build a powerful and effective mobile development team. Our team also participated in the design and development of several products for La Presse, including LP Mobile, LP Hockey, LP Mots, La Presse+ as well as some research and development products.

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The benefits

In only twelve months, La Presse+ was downloaded by over 450,000 people and has received industry-wide recognition. Around 115 people currently work in the lab dedicated to La Presse. La Presse successfully completed its important organizational restructuring and managed to transform itself so as to redefine the way it works and provides information.

The entire Mirego team is inspired by the courage our partner has shown. We are extremely proud of having contributed to the project, and as a result, of having helped La Presse reinvent the newspaper.

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