July 16, 2020

News – Mirego, in collaboration with Le Massif de Charlevoix, will offer strategic working sessions in a new dedicated space on the mountain.

A new offer allowing our customers to take a step back in the enchanting setting of Le Massif de Charlevoix to reflect on their digital transformation.

We are proud to share with you the very latest announcement made by our partner Le Massif de Charlevoix! Here is an excerpt from their press release:   

From December 2020, the Massif will welcome teleworkers looking for inspiring and intelligently furnished places allowing them to combine a visit to the mountains with productivity.  

Thus, the recreation and tourism center will offer nomadic companies and workers meeting spaces, some shared, others private, which will allow workers to find the tranquility required to work while enjoying mountain activities. Packages will be available for stays in the mountains of a few days, a few weeks or even a year.   

The trend towards teleworking that is occurring has its share of advantages and challenges in the short and long term. Le Massif wants to offer a solution, where it is possible to have fun and have access to its outdoor activities, while increasing its productivity and its desire to create at work. This alternative will also help break the isolation and shortness of breath that working too often at home can cause.  

The mountain offers a privileged contact with nature which helps to reduce stress and anxiety. The teams will be able to meet in a stimulating environment, to reconnect, to re-motivate the troops. Finally, this alternative will allow families to spend quality time even if one of the parents or the parents will have a few hours of work to do.   

‘’We are seeing that many employers are redefining their way of working and are looking for new and innovative options for the well-being of their employees. We want to offer a unique option of its kind to all these companies and workers that is neither the home nor the office, '' explains André Roy, executive vice-president and general manager of Le Massif de Charlevoix.  

"For us, there is no doubt that this model works. It has already been three years since we settled near Le Massif to offer our teams an unusual work environment with a positive impact on their happiness and productivity. We are thrilled with the possibility of organizing strategic retreats, with our customers, directly in the mountains. " mentions Albert Dang-Vu, partner and co-president of Mirego.   

Since 2017, the Mirego team has been established in Charlevoix in order to offer an unusual workplace to its team and its customers, which has a positive impact on the happiness and productivity of the team. 

The Mirechalet allowed us to brainstorm, plan and deliver world-class products and accelerate the digital transformation of our customers. 

We are very happy to now collaborate with Le Massif to offer our customers and our team an even more complete experience, in the mountains and in the brand new coworking space.

To find out more about the Mirechalet: https://life.mirego.com/en/chalet