User and Market Research .

Our process aims at generating results, not dusty documents.

We have developed our own research methodology, halfway between the boldness of a startup and the reliability of a research firm. Since the foundations of a project must be rock solid, we do not build on assumptions.

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Market Research

Either a micro survey on a website or a thorough investigation that annihilates blind spots and gives a voice to as many customers as possible.   

Competitive Review

Market Research

The team reviews the market’s competitors, latest trends and looks for innovations to identify the opportunities to be seized and the pitfalls to be avoided.

Innovation Research

Market Research

The team reviews the market's latest trends and looks for innovations that might shape the future. 

User tests

User Research

Getting user insights and validations is the foundation on which our methodology was built. We believe in testing quickly and often. This approach allows us to avoid costly mistakes or to spend weeks developing features users just don’t want. 

Focus Groups

User Research

Our team animates a focus group session with the target audience to get meaningful insights on the brand, the market or the product.

Customer Journey Mapping

User Research

After a workshop with key employees and customers or a day spent doing field observation of customers, we map the user experience of the brand. From the element that triggers interest for the company to the recommendation to a friend, everything is mapped. 

Dashboard and Analytics

Product Research

We do not consider a project successful without the data that proves it. Some like a dynamic dashboard while others prefer a robust thorough analytics tool to get the answers they need. Either way, we make sure our clients have all that they need to get a clear picture of how users interact with their product. Our team of analysts can support yours or deliver a complete report that will help you make informed decisions. 

Audit SEO

Product Research

We analyze your website and suggest improvements to increase its performance on Google. Keywords, backlinks, meta tags, competition; we analyze everything and generate a complete SEO strategy. 

Technological Analysis

Product Research

Our team takes a deep dive into your current technological stack and partners, looking closely at what tools and services are used and how hardware and software are integrated.

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