About .

Passionate about digital products since day 1

Mirego was founded in 2007 by managers and developers from Copernic with a simple objective: to build the greatest team, the best workplace and a 

better world.

A local alliance for a global impact

In the spring of 2021, the Mirego team joined forces with Premier Tech, a multinational whose world headquarters are in Rivière-du-Loup, Quebec. We are banking on two vibrant and complementary cultures to jointly develop and deploy ever more innovative digital solutions that will allow businesses in Quebec and elsewhere to prosper in the digital age. 

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Our team .

Mirego is a team of over 170 strategists, designers and developers that care deeply about creating meaningful digital products that people love. We work together, share our ideas, and hope to improve the world. We believe that work is a place where you can innovate, have fun and make an impact.

Quality is deeply rooted in our DNA. All our team members work full-time and are hand-picked to make sure our clients receive nothing less than exceptional results. We’re known for having a very unique culture and we also do not hire freelancers or outside consultants for any of our projects. With Mirego, what you see is what you get.

Our Values

Our culture defines us differentiates us and makes us unique. We work together towards a common mission and share these eight core principles.

Win as a team .

Be worthy of people's trust .

Exceed expectations .

Dare to innovate and surprise .

Embrace change as a way of life .

Be passionate and authentic .

Do more with less .

Don’t take life too seriously .

Our future .

We’re on a quest to improve the lives of a billion people with the digital products we create.

Leadership .

Albert Dang-Vu

Partner - Co-President

Albert is a passionate entrepreneur highly involved in Quebec’s entrepreneurial community. Before founding Mirego in 2007, he was the Vice President of Copernic Technologies, a technology company listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange. In 2015, Albert received the Ernst & Young’s provincial Information Technology Entrepreneur of the Year award. At Mirego, Albert is a thought leader on a mission to build the best work environment for the team. He defines growth objectives and oversees our communication and culture teams.

Sébastien Morin

Partner - Co-President & Chief Strategy Officer

Sébastien has been working in the digital industry for over 15 years. Prior to joining Mirego, he played a key role in DuProprio’s growth as Art and Marketing Director. At Mirego, Sébastien manages all matters relating to our service offering and customer satisfaction. He also works tirelessly to build the best team, and is highly involved in optimizing our digital product creation processes.

Élisa Ève De Serres

Partner - Director, Product Team

Élisa Ève has been working in the digital industry for over 15 years. Before joining the Mirego team, she was responsible for the application portfolio at Radio-Canada. In this position, she oversaw the development of digital products such as ICI Tou.tv, ICI Première and RC Info. She also has a strong expertise in communications and advertising. Her role is to support our team of product owners in all stages of creation of our digital products, from strategy to post-launch evolution.

Jean-François Morin

Partner - Vice-President, Product Creation

Jean-François has over 20 years of experience in digital product development, half of which was spent as a member of the Mirego team where he held various roles such as Mobile Developer, Project Manager and Product Owner. His role is to assist our teams of designers, strategists and product owners in creating exceptional products for our clients, from strategy to post-launch evolution. He is also in charge of developing our service offering, making sure our team supports our clients helping them to integrate digital at the heart of their business strategy.

Pascal Hamel

Partner - Vice-President, Software Development

Pascal has been developing software for over 10 years. Having started as a developer in the insurance field, he moved on to become CTO at two startup companies. At Mirego, he occupied a variety of roles, including web and mobile developer, scrum master, product owner and lead developer. Pascal ensures that software delivered by Mirego is of the highest quality while also making sure that Mirego remains the greatest place for developers and QA specialists to fulfil their potential.

Gabriel Rodrigue

Partner - Vice-President, Operations

Gabriel has been working in the digital industry for more than 10 years. Before joining Mirego, he worked in advertising and Web development. At Mirego, he heads the team's project planning and works on process improvement.

Charles Cantin

Partner - Vice-President, Customer Experience

Charles has more than 20 years of experience as a strategic advisor and consultant for international companies such as Capgemini, Orange and Desjardins, based in Canada and internationally. At Mirego, he guides our clients in overcoming their organizational, growth and innovation challenges. He assists them throughout the process of defining their needs and the digital solution needed.

Martin Gagnon

Partner - Director, Technological Exploration

Prior to co-founding Mirego, Martin worked as a software developer and team lead at Copernic. At Mirego, he puts his expertise in R&D, mobile development, Web and Cloud for the benefit of our customers to build for them the best digital products. In his role of Director, Technological Exploration, he is responsible for the continuous improvement of the mobile team and the implementation of processes and tools to help the team deliver outstanding digital products. He also oversees the training of the mobile team and its continuous development.

Rémi Prévost

Partner - Director, Software Development

Rémi has been developing digital products and leading development teams for over 15 years while building a strong and diverse expertise around development processes, APIs, Cloud, open-source, security, performance and tooling. In his role as Director, Software Development at Mirego, he is responsible for the technological innovation initiatives and engineering culture within Mirego’s development team to ensure it has everything it needs to build and ship amazing and future-proof digital products.

Geneviève Milot

Vice-President, Finance

Geneviève worked in a large accounting firm for almost 25 years. As Senior Director of the Certification and Consulting team, she used her accounting and tax expertise to advise major companies in the service sector. At Mirego, Geneviève is responsible for the company’s sound financial management. As Vice-President, Finance, she plays an active role in helping the company achieve its strategic goals and growth targets.

Jean-François Grenon

Director, Recruitment and Team Development

Jean-François has been working in the field of recruitment and team development for nearly 10 years, working for various Quebec SMEs in the mining, technology and energy industries. At Mirego, Jean-François is in charge of building our exceptional team. More specifically, he oversees everything related to the personal and professional development of the team.

Martin Bonneville

Director, Support and Product Evolution

Martin holds over 20 years of experience in digital product development. Martin joined Mirego in 2011 as a mobile developer. He then held the positions of Project Manager, Team Leader, and Product Manager. As Director, Product Support and Evolution, Martin leads the team that drives the evolution and maintenance of our clients' products.

Philippe Lachance

Director, Quality Assurance

Coming from the IT field, Philippe has nearly 10 years of experience in quality assurance. Passionate about digital product development, he ensures that our testing techniques meet the highest standards and are constantly evolving. As Director, Quality Assurance, he oversees the QA and Testers team, who contribute to the success of our projects at all development cycles and ensure that the products built by the Mirego team are outstanding and meet the needs of their users.

Thierry Fortier

Director, Software Development Team

Thierry holds over 10 years of experience in the development and maintenance of digital products in a variety of environments, including radio and television. At Mirego, he first held the role of web and mobile developer before assuming the role of lead developer. As Director of the Software Development Team, Thierry makes sure project teams are enabled to deliver high quality digital products as well as contributes to ensuring Mirego stays the best place to work for our team.

Olivier Cartier

Director, Agility and Project Management

Olivier holds a Degree in Software Engineering and has nearly 15 years of experience in the field of software development as a senior developer, Scrum Master and project manager. He is also certified Agile Facilitator. As Director, Agility and Project Management, Olivier works with our team of project managers to put in place the best practices in project management, team coaching and Agile development processes and makes sure we benefit from them in each of our projects.

Florence Petit-Gagnon

Director, Communications

Florence has been working in the field of communications and public relations for almost 10 years, assisting both large and early stage companies. She also has entrepreneurial experience as the co-founder of a technology startup. In her role as Director, Communications, she is responsible for promoting the Mirego team, its clients and their many achievements. She also oversees special projects produced by the team.

Jean Benoit Dubé

Director, Strategy

Jean Benoit comes from the creative world of advertising and he directs the strategy team at Mirego. His team analyzes our clients' markets, and then supports them in the creation of digital solutions that allow them to seize new business opportunities. Jean Benoit and his team also ensure the performance of our digital products, in terms of their creative vision, their business objectives and their optimization and promotion.

Sylvain Jacques

Director, Design

Sylvain has more than 15 years of experience in creativity and user experience strategy within various creative agencies in the province of Quebec. Over the years, he has played a key role for several brands such as Adidas, Cirque du Soleil, SAQ, SQDC and VIA Rail, whose goal was to improve brand awareness, user experience and to maximize conversion rates. As Director, Design, he ensures the growth of our design team and supports our designers in creating exceptional digital products that are innovative, efficient and meet the needs of their users.