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We help build digital businesses.

One of a few end-to-end digital product teams.

No matter how well defined or vague their idea, our clients can count on us to help them turn their vision into a functional digital product or service that delivers an exceptional user experience, enables them to achieve their business goals, and supports their digital strategy.

Build the right things,

build things right.

We've been immersed in the technology industry for decades, working on a wide variety of projects. Among the startups we've helped, some have enjoyed resounding success at launch, while others have been less fortunate. Among the established organizations we have helped, some have managed to reinvent themselves rather than disappear, while others could not adapt to the new environment. The most important lesson we've learned is this: A robust strategy without proper execution is useless, and vice versa. One constantly supports the other.

We have perfected a rigorous process and developed the skills needed to identify the right things to build and the ideal way to build them. We learn by doing. We think while building. And with each iteration, we help create digital businesses driven by new digital products and services.

Our manifesto

A single digital product now has the power to transform an entire industry. The performance and survival of many organizations now depend on their ability to integrate digital products into the core of their business strategy. Our team's manifesto documents 16 principles that we believe are the cornerstone of creating exceptional digital products that achieve their goals and stand the test of time.


We build for these platforms

Mobile ⏤ Tablet ⏤ Web  ⏤ Cloud-native ⏤ Wearables ⏤ Kiosk ⏤ Smart TV ⏤ Streaming ⏤ AR & VR ⏤ AI & ML ⏤ Blockchain ⏤ IoT


Our approach

We believe that a great digital product is as beautiful as it is useful and reliable, meeting business goals while satisfying user needs.

Making a difference in people's everyday lives

We have vast ambitions in creating digital products. To make thousands of families aware of the quality of the air they breathe ⏤ Accompany thousands of people on their travels ⏤ Reinventing the way millions of Canadians view their favorite content ⏤ Building tomorrow's health-centric pharmacy ⏤ Reinventing telemedicine with a human approach ⏤ Inspiring the discovery of new wines, beers, and spirits for millions of Quebecers  ⏤ Creating tomorrow's grocery experience across Canada ⏤ Building the future of driving experiences for millions of recreational product fans


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