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Building things
that truly matter

For us, building digital products is more than a job: It’s a calling.

Our strategy, design and development teams are made up of inspired and inspiring people. Our passion for our art is boundless. After 15 years of experience, we still have the ability to marvel at a well-written line of code, a clever typographic choice, or a whole new way of using digital to reinvent an industry or improve a user's life.

Our mission

Building the best
place to work

At Mirego, we’re convinced that each and every one of the people who make up our exceptional team can add value and take us further. The best place to work is where everyone can feel included, heard and considered.

Building the workplaces of the future

Remote work has been part of the Mirego culture since day one. Our team members have always been given the flexibility to work where and when it is most convenient for them. At any time. Working from the office should be a choice, not a requirement. But we're more convinced than ever that physical places play an important role in how people gather, share, and collaborate. That's why we've decided to invest more in the places that bring us together.

Our clubs

Gathering around

our passions

We believe that our role as an organization is to multiply the opportunities for our team members to come together to learn, improve, celebrate victories, reinvent the world, but also to build lasting relationships over the years.

To support this vision, our team members have created more than thirty clubs - Mireclubs - around which small groups share a common passion.


Nooé is a philanthropic initiative that started at Mirego in 2019, driven by our desire to give back a portion of the company's profits and involve our team members in the donation process.

Unable to find a solution matching our needs, part of our team volunteered to create a digital platform that sparks the joy of giving back as a team, while allowing each of us to support the causes, big or small, that are close to our hearts.

Making a difference in people's everyday lives

We have vast ambitions in creating digital products. To make thousands of families aware of the quality of the air they breathe ⏤ Accompany thousands of people on their travels ⏤ Reinventing the way millions of Canadians view their favourite content ⏤ Building tomorrow's health-centric pharmacy ⏤ Reinventing telemedicine with a human approach ⏤ Inspiring the discovery of new wines, beers, and spirits for millions of Quebecers  ⏤ Creating tomorrow's grocery experience across Canada ⏤ Building the future of driving experiences for millions of recreational product fans

A culture that makes headlines

Donner au suivant, une philosophie de vie à implanter partout.

Le Prix du Meilleur employeur technologique du Québec 2022 remporté par Mirego.

Mirego : bâtir le meilleur endroit où travailler.

Figure emblématique à l’ère numérique.


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