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Full time

Agile Project Manager


At Mirego, we have an iterative, flexible, and collaborative approach to managing the digital projects we undertake. For us, it is essential to evolve our products gradually, with constant feedback from the team and our clients. We believe this is the most efficient and optimal way to create value.
As an Agile Project Manager, you are at the heart of this dynamic. You support the team throughout the project's realization, identify ongoing issues, and ensure continuous improvement of their processes. You know how to motivate teams to deliver projects optimally while ensuring we stay on track with the budget, schedule, and scope.

  • You support the team in achieving project objectives and meeting their commitments.
  • You ensure and communicate project tracking to the execution team, the client, and the organization.
  • You participate in the development and ensure adherence to the delivery plan.
  • You control budget utilization and track it both internally and with the client.
  • You measure team happiness and ensure continuous improvement of their work processes.
  • You facilitate project realization activities.
  • You assist the team during estimation activities and ensure the use of best practices related to them.
  • You contribute to the evolution of the Agile project management specialty at Mirego.
  • You have experience managing digital projects and have delivered multiple projects in recent years.
  • You have experience with Agile methodologies (Scrum, Kanban, XP, etc.).You are aware that each project is different and adapt your approach accordingly.
  • You are comfortable discussing budgetary issues with a client.
  • You can manage multiple priorities simultaneously.
  • You are a leader, a unifier, and an excellent communicator.
  • You are proficient in both English and French, both spoken and written.
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