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Introducing Scout, an AI tool to help organizations integrate AI and ensure data privacy

May 23 - 24

Martin Gagnon
Partner, Director ⏤ Technological Exploration

Scout is here to help organizations adopt AI securely with 100% data privacy. No data is stored outside of the organization’s infrastructure. It's not for tech experts; Scout democratizes and governs how organizations get the most out of AI.

Why Scout is different from other platforms

Unlike other AI services, Scout operates directly within an organization’s infrastructure. This means sensible data stays under the organization’s control, secure. Scout can be extended with the different products used within an entity. Intelligence can be added to existing CRM, ERP, document store, knowledge bases or even Teams and Google. Unlike Copilot, there are no limitations based on what Teams offers; the decision on what data is critical for the organization is made by the user.

Scout can do more than the others

  • Personal assistants: It is possible to create personal assistants and equip them with knowledge (files, databases or lots of documents).
  • Automated Tasks: Scout can handle repetitive tasks, such as organizing information, creating spreadsheets and preparing documents. The possibilities are limited only by one's imagination.
  • Semantics document search: Instead of searching for the exact word, documents can be searched using AI semantics where documents containing certain concepts can now be found.
  • Flexibility: Scout is AI agnostic (it can use any AI technology), ensuring it remains useful and up-to-date as technologies evolve. All of this with total data privacy and security.

Scout understands all services and software

Salesforce AI, Copilot, Hubspot AI, Slack AI, there are a lot of AI services and plans out there (not to mention the associated costs). The consolidation of all data facilitates the creation of correlations that yield optimal answers to organizations. Scout is capable of interfacing with a comprehensive range of services, including bespoke in-house software, to procure the necessary answers. 

A few things Scout can accomplish

Data Integration and Reporting:*

  • “Give me new orders placed since yesterday.”
  • “Create a spreadsheet that includes hours entered by profession for this client.”
  • “Send a reminder in the Slack channel for each open pull request.”

*Outputs are always in line with a user’s access and permissions within the internal database or tool it is pulled from.

Monitoring and Alerts:

  • “Check every week for new links on this webpage.”
  • “Send me daily updates on Teams about changes made in this Sharepoint document.”
  • “Send me a monthly summary on new laws published by the federal government related to copyright, following this link.”

Integration to products and tools:

  • Add a chatbot to your company’s website.
  • Automatically correct, improve, summarize or translate text

Knowledge sharing:

  • “Create an intelligent assistant with the project knowledge in these files, and share it with the team.”
  • “Here is how we should speak to our customer when a question is asked”

Task Automation and Document Handling:

  • “Read this document and give me the main takeaways in bullet points.”
  • “Go through this scientific article and pull out significant statistics.” 

Scout has been built by experts

The team behind Scout has been creating technologies since 1999. Some of their software has more than 40 million users. They also helped major Canadians companies digitalize themselves with software having more than 2 million users. Scout is here to make using AI simple and beneficial for all organizations. It represents a new, more efficient and more secure way of working.

See Scout in action here:


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