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La Ruche unveils its revamped crowdfunding platform, now powered by artificial intelligence

February 27 - 24

La Ruche, leading the way in Quebec's crowdfunding, unveils its website's major makeover, crafted by Mirego.

“ The crowdfunding sector is on a fast track of growth and evolution, yet the leading-edge platforms tend to be from the U.S. or Europe. This upgraded website offers Quebec's entrepreneurs and organizations a robust, current, and easy-to-navigate funding tool.

⏤ Frédéric Auger, CEO of La Ruche

The redesign project had several objectives:

  • Enhancing site navigation and search capabilities;
  • Elevating the visibility and clarity of the services provided by La Ruche;
  • Streamlining the contribution process for fundraising campaigns;
  • Improving project holders' tools and features.

“ Mirego's efforts were comprehensive. They engaged with project initiators, contributors, and our team to design a site that caters to the needs of all stakeholders. In doing so,we've enhanced our support for individuals looking to kick off a campaign on La Ruche, making it significantly easier for users to make contributions, and in turn, dramatically improving the overall user experience. 

⏤ Stéphanie Morel, Marketing and Communications Director at La Ruche

Artificial intelligence empowering project initiators

Now, project initiators have the option to enhance their project descriptions using artificial intelligence, with just a few prompts and even select the desired tone for the generated text. This can all be accomplished within La Ruche's project creation platform itself.

“ Launching a crowdfunding campaign isn't something you do every day. It was crucial to provide tools that assist project leaders in creating meaningful initiatives, simplifying the process for them. This is where artificial intelligence emerged as a clear-cut solution. 

⏤ Jean-Benoit Dubé, Director of Digital Strategies at Mirego

You can see this functionality in action in the following presentation video.


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