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Mirego releases Inclusivo: a GPT for inclusive writing

March 18 - 24

Martin Gagnon
Partner, Director ⏤ Technological Exploration

At Mirego, we're convinced that tech can make the world a better place. That's why we aspire to commend initiatives that actually make a difference and push us towards a future that's fairer for everyone.

This winter marked a game-changing moment from OpenAI with the launch of a ChatGPT assistant marketplace. This new feature allows individuals and organizations to craft and popularize their unique GPT assistant, which they can easily create with custom instructions and additional insights.

For our team, it was a golden opportunity to experiment with AI for enhancing our workflow and driving innovation. Among the many assistants that have been developed at Mirego in recent months, Marie-Septembre Larouche, our marketing specialist, shared "Inclusivo" with the team, an inclusive writing GPT designed by her to guide our team members through the nuances of inclusive and epicene writing practices in french language. 

Inclusivo is a French inclusive writing tool, designed to:

“Even though I love the French language, I am aware that its use can be complex, especially when we are asked to deconstruct our unconscious biases and relearn how to write inclusively. I created Inclusivo to help my colleagues at Mirego better navigate the sometimes complex standards of inclusive and epicene writing in French.”

⏤ Marie-Septembre Larouche, Marketing Specialist at Mirego

The wave of excitement from our team around this tool led us to take it a step further by going public, to encourage as many organizations as possible to adopt inclusive writing standards. You can access the Inclusivo GPT at the following address to better your skills in French inclusive writing:

Keep in mind that you must have a ChatGPT Plus or ChatGPT Team account to access GPTs.

Happy inclusive and epicene writing!


En français SVP !