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Mirego unveils a new brand and website

January 15 - 24

After delivering 300 digital products and 14 million users, Mirego is ready to build for the future.

After posting a sustained growth in recent years, driven by the diversification of its services and expansion into English Canada and the United States, Mirego is unveiling a new brand reflecting its unique market positioning. The company's website was entirely redesigned for the occasion and will now include perspectives from in-house experts on the future of technology.

Mirego marked 15 years in business in 2023 and can proudly report being involved in the development of over 300 digital products spanning a wide range of industries, from retail to entertainment to professional sports. These products, some of which incorporate innovative features such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, or augmented reality, are used by more than 14 million people. The new brand marks a new era, with eyes set on the future, that of Mirego and of technology.

The new Mirego website reflects this future-centered approach by sharing the perspectives of Mirego's experts on the future of technology: artificial intelligence, software development, digital design, security, privacy, etc.

“ We are at the dawn of a new era in computing. Over the past year, our team has developed several products for our clients that integrate emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, and augmented reality. More than ever, Mirego is helping its clients build the future, and our new website is a platform that allows members of our team to share the lessons they have learned in building with tomorrow's technologies. ”

⏤ Sébastien Morin, Mirego's Co-President.

The new brand highlights the verb GO found in Mirego’s name to demonstrate that, more than ever, it is crucial for organizations to take action and seize the opportunities created by the new era we are entering in technology.

“ We wanted to create a brand reflecting this transformative journey and, most importantly, the quality of the products we build. The result is a digital universe with a human core. This brand evolution features duality, thought, action, and culture expressed with innovative typography, vibrant colors and dynamic visuals. Let's GO! ” 

⏤ Charles Gaudreault, designer at Mirego.


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