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Web · API · CMS
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Manage multiple sites using a single CMS


Cominar wanted to refresh the look of its 18 shopping centres’ websites and make them easier to manage.

18 websites

The project involved developing a content management system (CMS) that allows for more flexibility. With the CMS, Cominar can manage the content of its 18 websites within the same centralized (at the head office) or decentralized (through the shopping centres) platform thanks to different types of access.

Several types of content

The CMS makes it possible to: create an interactive map of each shopping centre that allows users to locate a shop and get information about it, manage the centre’s hours and any exceptions that may apply for each of the shops, list promotional deals and events related to the centre or for each of the shops, create customized pages using a range of content blocks to meet the specific needs of each centre and create and publish blog posts.

2 themes

In addition, the websites were designed based on two visual themes, so each shopping centre’s site can be adapted to its positioning and its customer base. Graphic continuity keeps the Cominar brand present across all the sites. It also simplifies development by avoiding the need to create 18 different sites, while offering the flexibility to adapt the site to the particularities of each centre.

Once the recipe was refined and thanks to the two themes, we achieved the goal of significantly reducing the time and budget required to deliver a centre’s website. 

The following websites clearly demonstrate the flexibility and consistency that our solution offers to Cominar-managed shopping centres: Centre Rockland, Mail Champlain, Galeries Rive-Nord, Duo Centre Laval and les Promenades Beauport.

Groupe MACH

On October 25, 2021, MACH announced the signature of an agreement to acquire 42 properties that are part of Cominar Real Estate Investment Trust’s portfolio. These properties include the following shopping centers: Carrefour Charlesbourg, Carrefour Frontenac, Carrefour Rimouski, Carrefour Saint-Georges, Les Rivières, Place Longueuil, Place de la Cité, Plaza de la Mauricie and the Rivière-du-Loup shopping center.

Following this signature, the platform initially created for Cominar was replicated. Cominar will continue to use the initial platform for the shopping centers of which they remain the owners, and a second instance has been created so that the MACH Group can use a separate platform for their newly acquired properties, which allows them to create tailor-made websites at will, in a secure digital environment that belongs to them.


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