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Redefining the Tea Shopping Experience


In recent years, the market's evolution has led numerous specialized brick-and-mortar retailers to venture into e-commerce. This shift has enabled these retailers to broaden their customer base and establish new, innovative connections, while also diversifying their sales channels.

DAVIDsTEA was determined to preserve the personal touch that so many customers had come to love in their stores when building their e-commerce strategy. Our team's digital expertise enabled them to leverage technology, in order to adapt to changes in the market. This approach turned the reduction in DAVIDsTEA's physical store count into a chance to reimagine tea shopping via a distinctive, personalized omnichannel experience.


DAVIDsTEA tasked our team with creating a mobile app designed to achieve three key goals:

  • Guide loyal customers through the discovery of new teas, replicating the in-store sensory experience they've come to love, even in a digital format.

  • Cultivate the online customer relationship beyond mere transactions by fostering personalized, engaging, and human interactions.

  • Build a robust and enduring tech framework that stands the test of time, ensuring it can accommodate future updates and expansions, particularly to enhance the existing loyalty program.

Our Approach

We identified two major consumer groups and analyzed their tea buying and consumption behaviors. Following this analysis, we pinpointed strategies to ease the online tea purchasing process, aiming to minimize any obstacles or difficulties.

Novice Tea Enthusiasts

By designing an online shopping environment that guides them through the exploration of new teas, spotlighting the extensive product selection.

Veteran Tea Drinkers 

Encourage them to shop according to their personal taste preferences, facilitating self-discovery of new products that align with their tastes.

“ Once you become more comfortable with your own preferences, you begin to know if you will like a tea based on the description or the ingredients (especially for the flavour). And of course, if you are passionate about tea, the risk of buying a tea you won't like is not high enough to risk missing out on an incredible tea or new gem. ”


A mobile shopping companion

The DAVIDsTEA app transcends the ordinary bounds of e-commerce; it's designed as a mobile shopping companion, dedicated to uncovering new teas and accessories.

To emulate the sensory and personal shopping experience, we envisioned this app as an additional sales channel, offering more possibilities for evolution than a website and going beyond standard e-commerce functionalities. It delivers a tailored experience through a range of distinctive features.

Tea Guide

The "Tea Guide" is one of the major features within the app, acting as a discovery conversational experience. It employs a series of questions that mirror the kind of interaction a customer might have with a store advisor. The aim is to capture the user's preferences and suggest products that cater to their taste and discovery interests, through the natural flow of a conversation.

Bring my tea back!

The "Bring my tea back!" feature uniquely engages the brand's community by empowering them to vote for the discontinued teas they're eager to enjoy again. This tool not only fosters a personalized and dynamic interaction but also deepens the bond between consumers and the brand.

Shopping tab

The app's shopping tab encourages users to tailor their exploration right off the bat by choosing from specific criteria like tea type, benefits, format, and flavor profile, all before diving into the product catalog. This method of initial curation not only enhances the user experience but also builds trust with customers and removes the feeling of transactional pressure, making for a more relaxed and less overwhelming personalized shopping journey.

Purchase History

The app's "Purchase History" section is crafted specifically for Frequent Steeper loyalty program members, offering straightforward access to their purchase history, wishlist management, points history, and beyond. A QR code linked to their loyalty account allows users to earn points by shopping in physical stores, bridging the gap between the in-person and online experience. It lays a robust foundation for expanding loyalty features down the line and enhancing personalization of the user experience even further.

UI design  

In partnership with DAVIDsTEA, our team has focused on adapting the brand's essence specifically for the mobile environment, designing an interface that's intuitive and aligns with the expectations of both iOS and Android users.

We've devoted special attention to small details, such as animations and haptic feedback, to ensure that each aspect of the interface design reflects the personal touch of an in-store visit. These immersive interactions with various app features enhance the mobile experience, making it more engaging and personal than traditional web browsing.



On the App Store and Google Play Store


of users who initiate a chat with the "Tea Guide" follow through to receive a personalized tea recommendation.


of users engaging with the "Bring my tea back!" feature cast at least one vote.



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