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Premier Tech

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A unique team driven by a shared passion for delivering solutions that have a positive impact on the lives of people, businesses and communities. At Premier Tech, passion and technology come together in a sustainable and transformative way to bring to life products and services that help feed, protect and improve our planet. For nearly a century, Premier Tech, whose global headquarters are in Rivière-du-Loup, has been expanding internationally thanks to the driving force of its 4,500 team members across 27 countries.

They are glocal

The Premier Tech team wanted to acquire a digital platform to disseminate and promote its strong corporate culture throughout its facilities worldwide. It also wanted to use this digital tool to share news and important documentation with all its international teams.


The tool was quickly integrated into the company’s practices and has become a very important element of Premier Tech’s operations and internal communications. Its use was adopted very quickly and improves the global company’s internal communications.

The Mirego team created the 282 web platform that serves as an intranet and allows information sharing between all Premier Tech’s anchor points. This platform provides easy access to useful documentation such as the company directory, the various team member guides and manuals, as well as the team members’ toolbox. It also shares key information about the Premier Tech culture.


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