October 24, 2019

New digital experience for TV5 and Unis TV

New digital experience for TV5 and Unis TV

Our team is proud to have supported TV5 Québec Canada in creating their new digital experience. With a new website as well as mobile and tablet apps available on iOS and Android, viewers of TV5 and Unis TV can now access a brand-new, attractive user interface with a smooth, intuitive navigation that brings together in one place more than 1200 hours of free content. 

In addition to being able to create a profile to personalize their viewing experience, users will enjoy instant, on-demand access to video content and the TV5 and Unis TV schedules. The mobile applications launched today will be followed by three TV applications (Android TV, Apple TV and Fire TV) from the end of November 2019. 

“Like most industries, the world of television is undergoing profound change. The actors in this domain must now connect with their audiences on a multitude of platforms and create for their audiences highly engaging and personalized environments. We are proud to support TV5 and Unis TV in the creation of this new broadcast universe, which highlights the great quantity and quality of content that these channels offer their viewers,” explains Sébastien Morin, co-president of Mirego and Chief Strategy Officer. 

“Mirego sets the standard in mobile experiences,” adds Benoit Beaudoin, Digital Director of TV5 Québec Canada. “Their approach is elegant and intuitive. From the beginning, our teams have collaborated in a climate of trust and open communication. Mirego has put in place an evolutionary environment, adapted to today's TV consumption. Their Agile approach ensures we get maximum functionality within a pre-determined schedule and budget framework.”