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Air Transat's app now features a new AI-powered functionality

February 8 - 24

Passengers flying to select Air Transat destinations can now enhance their journey with a new, AI-enhanced feature in the app. It provides a detailed preview of their holiday destination, offering the latest on what to expect, from the average weather forecast during their visit to must-try culinary delights, essential sightseeing spots, and other practical information.

This feature is currently available for 16 destinations, including:

  • Some Canadian cities
  • Major European capitals and cities like Paris, Lisbon, and London
  • The most popular southern destinations such as Orlando, Cancun, Punta Cana, and San Jose

AI-generated content

To maintain the integrity and precision of the information provided, the app's end users do not interact directly with the artificial intelligence (AI) system. The mobile app serves as the intermediary, accessing a content database curated in advance.

The database is filled with content initially generated by Azure OpenAI and subsequently scrutinized and approved by the Air Transat team. This process is facilitated by a bespoke content management system (CMS) developed by our team, which not only allows for easy data adjustments but also empowers the Air Transat team to enrich and refine the AI-generated text or image content.



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