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Air Transat

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Assisting Travellers


For Air Transat, the return to "normality" in the travel sector presented an opportunity to upgrade its digital ecosystem to better assist and comfort travellers throughout their journey. Teams at Mirego and Transat collaborated to conduct user interviews, co-creation workshops, surveys, and make on-site observations at airports to identify and understand potential stressors in the user experience. No stone was left unturned in our efforts to place the customer at the heart of our considerations for the app's redesign.

In winter 2023, Air Transat launched a brand-new version of its mobile application. It aims to provide support to travellers at every stage, whether they're booking a flight or a vacation package. Once the trip is booked, simply input your reservation number into the app to receive step-by-step guidance throughout your journey. This move underscores the Montreal-based airline's commitment to being a leader mindful of its customers' well-being.

Our Goals

Simplify the traveller's experience by assisting them at every step.

Simplify navigation and improve access to information.

Empower the traveller to be more independent and personalize their experience.

“When traveling, a minor glitch can easily escalate into a major obstacle.”

Richard Smith,

Senior Director, distribution systems - Transat.

User journey

Every traveller deserves a unique experience.

At the very beginning of the project, our team, in collaboration with Transat's, scrutinized each step of the user journey to pinpoint the most significant stressors for travellers. We then built the app around features designed to instill confidence in users throughout their journey, regardless of their familiarity with technology.


Allow users to upload their trip details into the app, where they can access all their reservation information.


Provide travellers with key information unique to their itinerary and guide them through the necessary steps leading up to their departure.

Departure Day

Provide real-time flight status information and give travellers quick access to their boarding passes.

In Flight

Keep passengers informed about the in-flight experience and offer offline access to crucial documents to ease their arrival at their destination.

Upon Arrival

Support travellers who have booked a Transat vacation package by enabling them to preview their booked excursions, explore and buy new ones, and easily get help from local representatives.


Assist travellers on their return home by providing crucial information, such as check-out time, flight tracking, online check-in, and more.


Automatically resolve minor issues and empower users to fix major ones.


Our self-help resources allow travellers to connect with the appropriate personnel depending on their stage of travel. Notably, travellers who booked a vacation package can reach out to a representative through our VoIP service, or engage in a chat with customer service for less urgent queries.

Local Notifications

Instead of relying on push notifications that demands an internet connection, our local notification system lets you receive alerts even when your phone is offline or in airplane mode. This includes notifications for online check-in, welcome sessions, flight status and more.

Travel Documents

Travellers have the ability to view their trip details at any time and download important travel documents, like boarding passes, ensuring access even when their device is offline.



on the App Store and Google Play Store

Following the launch of the new version of the app, the average rating has improved from 3.3 to 4.6 stars on Android.



Over 300,000 people used the new app in the first 3 months following its launch.



480,000 users have initiated the online check-in process from the app.


booking actions

173,613 users started the booking process from the mobile application.


tracked flights

The flight tracking feature (excluding flights associated with a trip) has been used 30,000 times


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