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Mobile App · CMS · API · POS
Technologies used
Build loyalty towards the restaurant experience


Few microbreweries can boast of having a resounding success like Archibald has had. Recently acquired by the giant Labatt, the booming company wanted to keep its ever-growing clientele faithful to its one-of-a-kind restaurant experience and its hoppy products. An innovative loyalty strategy was required.


Our loyalty program elegantly integrates several gamification mechanics that create a simple and effective system of incentives for all user segments. At every restaurant visit, customers can scan their bill with the mobile app to accumulate points and take part in challenges. These incite customers to explore the Archibald menu in different contexts: ordering a specific beer between 5 and 7 p.m., trying a dark beer or a blonde, pairing their food with a beer, etc.

The accumulated points can be redeemed for discounts and branded promotional items. What’s more, every 24 hours, users can spin a wheel allowing them to accumulate points between visits. This mechanism gradually increases the incentive to come to a restaurant to get exclusive rewards, in addition to encouraging users to interact with the brand every day, in a way that takes very little effort and is always rewarded.


  • Integration into a complex cash system with unique particularities in every location. 
  • Development of advanced anti-fraud systems to prevent the community from accumulating points on previously scanned invoices or generating fake ones.
  • Deployment of a creative direction that uses the full potential of the characters specific to each beer brand image; the character traits of all the women embody the nature of the challenges and fully explore the creative world of Archibald.


Since the results are confidential, the exact numbers can not be disclosed, however, the retention, growth and engagement rates of the Archibald app greatly exceed expectations.


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