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Rethink Television

The reign of the remote is over. Between decoders, tablets, phones, Apple TVs and Android TVs offering a cutting-edge technological experience has become a headache for most TV service providers. Bell had the vision to offer its consumers a tool that could work across all their devices and give them an exceptional, seamless experience, regardless of the device used for entertainment. Building a product that could function on so many platforms was a sizeable challenge. 


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Future-proof architecture.

In order to offer a seamless experience, Mirego established a development process that could build on both iOS and Android platforms simultaneously. The idea was to allow it to work on any device. We therefore designed robust architecture that would stand the test of time and the changes that came with it. The proof? We’re still maintaining and developing this technology five years later.

Download now, watch later

After the launch, users kept on making the same request: to be able to watch shows directly on the app, no matter where they were. No challenges was big enough to dissuade us: our team decided to take up the challenge.

“Bell Canada chose to partner with Mirego because of their relentless attention to getting every pixel perfect.”

Shawn Omstead

Vice President, Residential Product Management at Bell Canada


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