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Rethink grocery shopping


Wanting to create a mobile experience extending the IGA and Thrifty Food store presence, the food veteran picked Mirego to deliver a solution that would delight customers.


The IGA and Thrifty Food applications are designed to guide users through meal planning by highlighting a wide range of products. They facilitate the creation of personalized shopping lists and make store visits more efficient while staying true to the brand's essence.


As a Sobeys grocery retailer, IGA is following the Joy of Eating Better movement, a major initiative launched by Sobeys Québec in 2014 based on four pillars:

  • Responsible choices

  • Healthy eating

  • Discovering new flavours from near and far

  • Cooking differently and more often without sacrificing enjoyment


The recipes’ appeal proved to be an effective strategy for building customer loyalty. By integrating recipes with flyer promotions, we've created a winning formula for increasing engagement and strengthening brand loyalty.

Based on promotional offers and food preferences, the Tada! feature suggests simple, economical recipe ideas. This encourages users to visit the app more often, making each visit an opportunity to discover something new.


Loyalty program

Since the launch of the Scene+ loyalty program, mobile applications have become a key element in enhancing and promoting personalized offers and flyer specials.

Every customer is unique. Offers are perfectly tailored to their shopping preferences, on top of time-limited offers.

Tada! meal planner

IGA's meal planning tool brings users a wealth of recipe ideas based on flyer specials each week.

Shopping list items magically ordered based on a store layout

Finding items can be difficult, especially for shoppers that are new to a store or shopping certain items on their list for the first time. The app not only allows users to get inspired and shop online, but also orders products added to the shopping list according to the layout of the selected store, greatly enhancing the shopping experience.

Custom lists

Apps are reinventing shopping for every occasion, from the Super Bowl to moving day. Users can take advantage of event-specific, predefined lists to ensure they get the best discounts while covering essential needs. Lists simplify shopping and help ensure that nothing is overlooked.

These applications are more than just a shopping tool for users; they are companions that understand and adapt to every aspect of their lives.



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