Rethink grocery shopping

  • Type iOS & Android applications
  • Launch year 2017


In 1996, IGA launched its online grocery service. The Sobeys team has always been a digital trailblazer. When the veteran company decided to improve the digital experience of its two sister brands, IGA and Safeway, they chose Mirego to create a solution that their customers could truly enjoy.

The idea.

The IGA and Safeway apps aim to support their users through meal planning, making grocery lists and shopping in stores, all while respecting the brand’s DNA.

Eat better.

The company has a team that produces an incredible quantity of recipes and content for food lovers on a daily basis. Since the pillars of the brand are discovery and healthy eating, it was evident that we needed to include these recipes in the project.


To us, the recipes seemed like an opportunity to build customer retention. We limited their access by only offering a select quantity of recipes that change each week. That means that if a user doesn’t go on the app for a week, they miss out on recipes, which become available only on the website. In this way, the user uses the app more frequently and each visit is filled with new discoveries.

To the table.

After discovering a recipe, the user can add it to his or her grocery list in one click or have the ingredients delivered.


With the aim of helping users save money and discover new products, we have established a system that recommends products that are on sale and complementary products based on previous purchases.  


Since the AirMiles program is a pillar of IGA and Safeway’s loyalty strategy, the apps are integrated into the points and rewards system and include personalized offers.


Grocery lists can be shared by text message or by e-mail.

The list in the right order, as if by magic.

Finding items can be difficult, especially for a customer who is in a new grocery store or does not regularly purchase certain products from the list. In addition to allowing users to buy online, the app classifies products based on the layout of the selected store: the grocery store experience is greatly enhanced.

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