Empower sales teams

  • Type iPad applications
  • Launch year 2015

The challenge.

Bombardier Aerospace required Mirego’s services to create a tablet-based app for new clients acquiring private jets. BBA wanted to give new owners a tablet so that they could use an app to select the interior design and décor of their jets. The tool’s main objective was to showcase the planes as well as the various options available to owners. In addition, clients could watch how the design of their very own planes evolved over time.

The solution.

During the development phase, the iPad app and company’s needs greatly evolved. Mirego was able to adapt the app so that it was used not only by new clients looking to customize their planes’ designs, but also by BBA’s worldwide sales representatives as a sophisticated presentation tool during tradeshows and presales meetings.

The result.

Mirego developed two iPad apps: one for BBA’s Global 7000/8000 planes and another for its Challenger 650 planes. These apps enabled new owners to custom design their planes and discover all the features that were on board, and also helped BBA sales representatives to present planes to future clients. The apps, developed with very tight deadlines, seamlessly displayed the planes’ features from all angles and in the greatest details.

Clients can also take part in a 3D virtual tour as well as view a map of the world with all the possible flight paths that can be taken without any layovers. In sum, Mirego and BBA worked together to develop full-scale apps centred on the needs of clients looking to facilitate the design of their private jets.

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