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The Montréal Canadiens

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Provide an extraordinary user experience


A new application

In 2011, the Montreal Canadiens were one of the first NHL teams to have their own mobile app. Since then, the NHL has developed a generic app that can be customized with each team’s colours.

While the Canadiens were one of the only teams in the league to still have their own separate app, it was getting older and was hard to update. The Groupe CH wanted to offer its fans the best professional sports team app in the world. After an exhaustive analysis of hundreds of sports apps from many different countries, we can confidently say: challenge accepted!

A ton of features

News feed

A unified news feed featuring news, HabsTV videos and exclusive promotions and contests.


A mobile ticketing system that allows fans to purchase and manage tickets for games at the Bell Centre.

Habs TV

Direct access to HabsTV exclusive videos and articles.

A challenge system

Among the innovations in this redesign is a new “challenge” system featuring a series of interactive activities like trivia questions, post-game quizzes, surprise questions, and predictions, the latter of which appear at different times throughout a game and encourage users to correctly predict events.

Game day

The “Game Day” section is the most interactive way to follow a Habs game. It features a real-time feed of articles, pregame videos, game summaries, statistics, polls, and information before, during, and after the game, a real-time scores and game recaps, as well as real-time player rankings and statistics & a real-time play-by-play.

“The market for professional sports team apps in North America was in the hands of a few developers, and most apps were fairly limited. We were looking for a company that would propel us to the top with a unique app. Working with Mirego, this is exactly what we were able to offer our fans: a bilingual app that offers innovative features and helped us achieve our many business goals while providing an extraordinary user experience.”

⏤ Alexandre Harvey, Senior Director, Digital Media - Montréal Canadiens


Nearly ten external partners

There was an impressive number of partners and suppliers to interact with to make the app complete. More than 50 people were involved in the project, from various companies near and far, to ensure that all of the app’s features worked well together. Even the players have tried the app!




The average user rating on the App Store has gone from 2 stars to 4.6 out of 5.



316% increase in the retention rate of active users after 3 months, even though users no longer need the app to enter the Bell Centre with their mobile ticket.



75% increase in the number of sessions from October 1 to December 31, 2019, compared to the same dates in the previous year



54% increase in the number of videos watched compared to the same date the previous year.


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