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Build the pharmacy of the future


A community to keep healthy

There’s a difference between a patient and a customer. Familiprix understood this. Thinking of its clientele as a bunch of sick people needing healing was out of the question. Instead, they see it as a community to keep healthy. It’s not about healing; it’s about well-being. That’s why this group of pharmacies decided to support its clientele where it counts. This is the story of five projects and a single mission: to build the most human, innovative pharmacy with a focus on health.

My Pharmacy

From renewal to complex instructions and side effects, medication can quickly become a headache. This had to be fixed.

The right information at your fingertips

The drug directory allows users to quickly access reliable information on their medication. Combined with renewal reminders, this feature make the experience a little less painful to swallow.

New prescription

In a few easy steps, send a photo of your new prescription to your pharmacist on leaving the doctor's office. Using geolocation, easily find the address of the pharmacy closest to you.

Health profile

Keep your health profile up to date by including a photo of your insurance card and your contact information. You can also easily manage your dependents’ records from your health profile.

My Pregnancy

Many habits are consolidated when a couple becomes a family. Visits to the pharmacy become more and more frequent, and Familiprix wanted to leverage this moment to simplify the lives of mothers-to-be and build a special relationship with them. The My Pregnancy app comes in handy at the most wonderfully anxious time in their lives.

Connected health

It was important for us to allow mothers to follow the progress of their pregnancies. The app supports Apple Healthkit and synchronizes with mom’s weight from connected scales. We also created an adaptive interface that includes an illustration of a fetus at the same stage as the mother's.

Capturing the precious moments

We know that expectant mothers love to capture the precious moments of their pregnancy. We decided to add a feature that creates time-lapse videos. In practice, the user can share a video showing the change in her belly in a few seconds. She can also keep a photo diary that she can share with her loved ones.

Custom promotions

The Familiprix team can use the My Pregnancy app to send custom promotions to pregnant women. For example, discounted diapers can be displayed to women who are in the 36th week of pregnancy, while women in early pregnancy may see completely different promotions. Clients can scan their app at the pharmacy to prove that they are truly users of the app.

My Diabetes

There are about 830,000 Quebecers with diabetes. This is a community that Familiprix could and wanted to support.

The idea

My Diabetes is a free app that supports diabetics on a daily basis and gives them practical tools to better understand and monitor their diabetes.

My Assistant brings together a variety of information to help them better manage their diabetes on a daily basis and adopt healthier habits. Users can refer to the recipes section to get ideas for snacks and meals that are suitable for people with diabetes. In addition, they can record their blood sugar, carbohydrate consumption, weight, physical activity and insulin doses to better understand how these factors impact their daily lives.

My Familiplus

Once all these users were added in the Familiprix ecosystem, it was important to retain them while promoting a healthy lifestyle. Familiplus is a unique loyalty program that allows you to accumulate points and use them to save at the pharmacy.

The loyalty program

My Familiplus is an app that allows program members to always have their rewards card, the history of their Familiprix transactions, and personalized offers on hand. Thanks to this app, you can now complete and easily manage your profile and view your account balance.

A healthy mind

Since nothing is as good for the soul as helping those in need, the application allows you to convert savings into donations to Opération Enfants Soleil, a cause that Familiprix has supported for many years.

In a healthy body

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The application promotes healthy lifestyle habits by rewarding users who walk a certain distance or purchase a selection of healthy products.


Familiprix wanted to completely redesign its site, which had become very difficult to update. During the project’s strategy phase, two observations kindled our team’s imagination: people generally have a lot of questions about their health and they usually really appreciate the interactions they have with their pharmacist. At the onset of symptoms, our first reaction is often to check the internet. Often, the sources are unreliable and recommendations questionable. However, Quebecers have no other way to answer their health questions. Until now.

Online services

The website makes it possible to schedule appointments online, and integration into the Health Profile allows users to access their records, their reminders and their prescriptions in one click.


Once a question is public and answered, it is indexed on its own page. In addition to offering comfort to visitors, these pages improve the organic indexing of Google searches. Instead of acquiring traffic via paid campaigns, visitors automatically create pages with their own keywords, which leads to more organic traffic and easier access to resources for worried internet users.

A pharmacist

Our research has shown that Quebecers are ready to ask questions to an online pharmacist. That’s exactly what our Ask a Pharmacist section provides them: a space where people can interact with a healthcare provider from our extensive network of pharmacies.


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