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Golf Canada

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Mobile App · Smart Watch
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Reinvent the golfing experience


Founded in 1895, Golf Canada now represents 320,000 golfers and 1495 member clubs. The organization’s mission is to increase participation and promote excellence in golf in Canada, while adapting to today’s challenges and issues.

Nearly 1.3 million Canadians play golf, and a large proportion of them are not members of Golf Canada or don't belong to a Golf Canada-affiliated club. Many golfers are opting to discover and try several golf clubs rather than pay an annual membership to a single club.


  • A new app to increase user satisfaction and memberships.

  • Redesign the experience for a more modern look and feel.

  • Make the app accessible to everyone, even to non-members, and showcase enough incentives to increase membership.

Main Features

Golfer profile

Displays the golfer’s profile, number of rounds played, personal stats, and recent scores.

Find a course

Locates the closest golf courses, with the option to add favorite courses.

Canadian golf course map

Map locating over 1,700 golf courses across Canada. Several filter options for golfers to refine their search.

Detailed cards

Display technical information on the course,

coordinates of the course and the list of services offered.

Advanced Statistics

Displays the number of strokes per player, as well as advanced personal stats, such as tee shot accuracy, number of putts, starting club, and much more.


2 new games (Skins Game and Stroke Play) for added fun while golfing with friends.

Focus on user experience

The complete redesign of the app was an opportunity for the design team to bring out the beauty of golf courses, with spectacular scenery, landscapes and views that players can experience.

Also, since golf is a very technical sport, the app needed to display a lot of data and statistics based on the golfers’ performance without compromising UI and UX.

Tournament Mode

The Golf Canada app tournament mode served in two major tournaments: the CP Women’s Open (Ottawa) and the RBC Canadian Open (Toronto). Available to all application users, this mode was designed to help golf aficionados make the most of their day at the tournament.

For both events, the mobile app offered several exclusive features, including an interactive course map, tee times, results table, a home page with event news feed and a list of activities available on site.

For both the CP Women’s Open and the RBC Canadian Open, more than 18,000 participants used Golf Canada’s mobile app to enhance their tournament experience, totalling 134,000 app openings.

Apple Watch

A focus on accessibility

One year after the app’s launch came the highly anticipated WatchOS-enabled version. Golfers can now see the number of yards between them and the green and enter their score directly on their wearable device.

Since this new version was launched, 8,000 players have used their Apple Watch to compile scores.




Since its 2019 update, 589,000 users have installed the app. And user interest for the app is growing sharply: as it celebrated its 2nd birthday, the app also boasted an increase in started sessions, reaching 1.8 million.


Completed games

As of September 2022, the app went over the 5 million mark for documented and completed games.



The app went from 2.3 stars to 4.7 in the App Store.



28,000 users searched for a friend in the app.



49% of users have posted their scores in the app.


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