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Mobile App · Tablet App · Interactive kiosk
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Inspire discovery


Digitizing an experience based on the in-store offer is a sizeable challenge. Except for our teams. All we needed was an ingenious strategy, a robust solution and a touch of expertise.


Online advisor

Being a good advisor isn’t about knowing a great many products, but rather being able to quickly assess the customer’s tastes. In order to do so, it was essential to increase touch points to get to know the customer’s consumption habits. The SAQ ecosystem included a personalized newsletter and a website with a loyalty portal to which we added a mobile and tablet app as well as in store digital terminals. Thanks to a unique identifier, the offers, history and profile all ensure a uniform and personalized experience regardless of the platform.

Off-line advisor

Thanks to consumer profile and purchase history available in the mobile app as well as  on the digital terminals, in-store wine advisors can now assess a customer’s consumption habits and suggest new products. The customer experience now is consistent, whether online or in-store.

Technology to simplify discovery

During a dinner with friends, memorizing the name of a product you like isn’t always convenient. Now you can use your phone’s camera to scan the barcode on the label, allowing you to access the product file and save your preferences under “Favourites.” An in-app research tool also makes it possible to search for products by taste tags, by vines variety or by country.

A product that improves with age.

Previous versions of the SAQ application were experiencing a lot of problems, frustrating users, and receiving many negative reviews from them. The new version, completely revised and improved by the teams, went from an average rating of 2.5 to 4.7 on the App Store. A new experience that henceforth charms the vast majority of users.


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