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Le Massif de Charlevoix

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Dynamic digital display
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Enable an unforgettable ski experience


Refreshing the mountain experience.

Le Massif de Charlevoix wanted to digitalize and optimize the mountain experience. With the onset of a pandemic and related restrictions, there was a pressing need to adapt infrastructure to the new reality.

The Massif was looking into better directing users so they could optimize their time on the mountain, choosing the least busy lifts, to communicate in real time with people on the mountain, as well as measuring chalet capacity.


A smarter way to display chalet occupancy.

Avoid overcrowding in lifts and chalets.

An efficient way to communicate with people on the mountain.


Beyond a mobile application

From workshops and field observations, the Mirego team discovered that skiers do not use their phones while on the mountain. What they want is to exercise, enjoy the view, and take a break. 

Another challenge was to discover a fresh approach, looking at accessibility standards from a different angle, taking into consideration very specific weather conditions, equipment, and various viewing perspectives on the digital signage.

Five dynamic display panels

The data collected when skiers scan their access card to board the lifts provides an accurate estimate on traffic density. Mirego leveraged this data source by creating an algorithm that displays the critical areas where bottlenecks or waiting are likely to occur, for example at the lifts.

The team also integrated a content management tool (CMS) to communicate with users, displaying promotions, alerts, or advertisements in just a few clicks, in addition to indicating the chalet occupancy rate.


20,000 users per month on average

The primary objective was to adapt to the COVID-19 health crisis and new regulations set by the government. With the increased popularity of outdoor activities, a significant number of skiers and snowboarders visited the Massif in the 2021 winter, and the display panels were noticed and used by a considerable number of users.

Skiers referred to the always available information and used it to inform their decision on which chalet or lift to select.

“Working with Mirego, we uncovered an innovative and relevant solution for our customers, based on a fluid, pleasant process in alignment with our organizational needs and environment.”

Julie Tardif

Assistant Vice President, Senior Director of Development and Marketing.



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