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Mobile App
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Simplify a tiling project


Taking advantage of new technologies

Schluter Systems is dedicated to providing innovative solutions for tile installation. They wanted to use technology to create a tool that would help their system installers in their tiling projects.

At Schluter, education is a key element of the company’s success, with installers being offered the opportunity to participate in extensive training courses. With the new mobile app, installers had a new point of contact to get help when they needed it.


A new approach of supporting customers

With the Schluter®-App, clients can be supported throughout their tiling projects. For example, a special section dedicated to underfloor heating systems provides the possibility of taking measurements of a room and representing it as a 2D plan into which additional objects can be inserted. The client can then calculate the materials required to complete the project and choose the size, colour and price of the products.

The app also includes a complete product catalog and features an attribute-based product configurator and an authorized retailer locator. 


The challenges of augmented reality

There was a significant challenge in using augmented-reality technologies (ARKit on iOS and ARCore on Android) to capture the plan of a room with the camera, particularly due to borderline issues, such as when the lighting is dim or when an older mobile device with lower performance levels is being used. 

Another challenge was to develop a means to manually edit the plans in 2D on both platforms and with the same source code. These plans can be used for adding and removing corners and walls, inserting or moving obstacles, and calculating the resulting area. 


The power of agile development

In this project, the iterative development process was a very powerful asset. The Schluter®-App is an excellent example of an agile sprint process that readjusts the plans of an ongoing project to get the best product possible.

The Mirego team is extremely proud to have successfully developed this first project using augmented reality—and a tool that will help people in their work.


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