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TV5 Québec Canada

  • Multiplatform
  • Media
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Web App · Mobile App · Smart TV · CMS · API
Technologies used
Promote the discoverability of TV shows


Oriented mainly toward discovering television programming and complementary content, the and websites made online viewing less intuitive. Also, they were developed primarily for use on a computer or tablet.

The TV5 team wanted to make a reality of their vision: Make it easier to view and discover content through a modern ecosystem adapted to television in 2020.

To do this, we created a platform that unites the two networks (TV5 and Unis TV). It makes it easier to discover programs, simplifies program viewing and covers a multitude of platforms: a website, a native iOS mobile and tabletapplication, a native Android mobile and tablet application and a native application for certain video-on-demand devices (Apple TV, Fire TV, Android TV).


  • Consolidate the offer into a single environment.
  • Promote video consumption.
  • Add a television application.
  • Improve the user experience.

User centric

Early in the design process, a series of user tests and research on behaviour helped to accurately identify user needs and expectations.


The interface has been redesigned to simplify content navigation while allowing users to find content that may interest them. The homepage presents the user with a compelling mix of personalized content, genres and collections. It is possible to explore content by keyword, new releases, collection, genre and user history.


Whether users prefer to stream content with ChromeCast, watch television on a laptop at the office or on a tablet on the train or in bed, TV5Unis content is accessible to everyone at all times.


The team simultaneously created a website and several mobile and television applications in order to satisfy all consumer habits. In order to customize the presentation, a content management system (CMS) was custom-designed for the client’s needs. This rich ecosystem complements TV5’s existing infrastructure to make providing on-demand content easier.

“Mirego has set up an evolving environment adapted to modern television consumption. Their agile approach ensures that we get maximum functionality within a pre-determined timeframe and budget.”

Benoit Beaudoin

Director, Digital Content, TV5 Québec Canada


New use of Kotlin Multiplatform

The entire ecosystem relies on Kotlin Multiplatform, an emerging technology that allows optimal and efficient code reuse across different development environments. Kotlin Multiplatform allows our products to be deployed natively to iOS, tvOS, iPadOS, Android, Android TV, the web, WebAssembly, Windows, macOS and Linux, while ensuring identical behaviour for the code shared between all platforms and a uniform experience across them.

“Mirego is a leader in mobile experiences. Their approach is elegant and intuitive.”

Benoit Beaudoin

Director, Digital Content, TV5 Québec Canada


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