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Canadian Football League

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Create your own football team


The Canadian Football League wanted to create a fantasy football game that would increase brand awareness, spark greater fan engagement across Canada, and generate new sponsorship revenue.


The principle of the game developed by Mirego and the CFL is simple: you find yourself in the general manager’s seat during a Canadian Football League season. For the duration of the season, the TSN CFL Fantasy Football game gives you full control of your team’s roster as you look to pick the best possible lineup every week while staying below the salary cap. The game is free and the top players have the chance to win prizes throughout the football season. 

The Mirego team took charge of the game’s complete development, creating the backend, a web app and a CMS that allows CFL staff to manage the game themselves. 


  • Development of an algorithm for managing players’ salaries.
  • Management of high traffic during CFL football games.
  • Access to and interaction with the CFL database to get statistics and results throughout the season.
  • Development of incentives to play the game live during CFL games.
  • Management of the game’s "real time" aspect (simulation of football games during the design phase).


Launched in the summer of 2017, in its first year the TSN CFL Fantasy Football game saw:



More than 36,000 registered users.



More than 1.5 million visits.


Visits per hour

More than 3,000 visits per hour during certain games


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