Optimize irrigation management

  • Type iOS, Android & Web applications, CMS, API
  • Launch year 2018

A new optimized irrigation control platform.

The challenge.

Hortau wanted to update its data management mobile app and its associated web version to offer its clients a new optimized irrigation control platform. However, the whole backend had to be redone and it was far from a small task. The tool final version had to compile, process, and showcase all of the collected data from the sensors (temperature sensors, irrigation pipe pressure detectors, soil pressure monitors, etc.) on a given agricultural field and generate statistics that could be analyzed and displayed over short and long-term periods.

The solution.

To shape such a project was a most complex endeavour that had to be operated on a big scale and required the development of many features. Numerous micro-services had to be developed to incorporate many agricultural trade subtleties into the app’s features. 


To face the inherent problems that could arise during the various seasonal phases, every aspect of the data collecting and processing stages had to be taken into account and mirror the relevant agricultural trade facets in app feature form:

- Soil temperature measurement
- Remaining sensor battery power
- Push notifications from the various onsite sensors
- Statistical trend graphics / short and long-term periods
- Downloadable database exports
- Phone alarms

The results.

This tool was developed in native mobile app forms (iOS and Android) and also in a web format offering the same features and with every version performing in an identical way. The first feedback Mirego and Hortau received is very positive.

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