Easy access to healthcare professionals

  • Type Mobile application (iOS, Android), Web portal & API
  • Launch year 2021

The project

Although the Quebec healthcare system is free, the price to pay for medical care access is typically calculated in time. Getting an appointment with a family doctor may set you back a few weeks, and an overnight wait is not unusual before one can be seen by a healthcare professional in a hospital emergency.

Olive’s team contacted us with the goal to provide Quebecers with easy and people-friendly access to healthcare—including for people living in remote areas.

The solution.

Tasked with the ideation, design, and implementation of the project’s first web edition, our team developed a telemedicine solution for Olive comprising an IOS and Android mobile application as well as a web portal dedicated to healthcare professionals. 

Through teleconsultation, users can now reach Quebec healthcare professionals 24-7, for a small fee. With a monthly subscription, users can get or renew prescriptions as well as obtain medical notes and general health advice right from their smartphone.

Videoconferencing and chat

The project’s main functionality is a videoconferencing platform which quickly connects the user with a healthcare professional.

The user makes a consultation request through the mobile application. The request is processed by an assignment tool, triggering a notice for a nurse to take charge of the patient using the dedicated web portal. 

In addition, the user can text, send photos and information through a chat interface.    

The videoconferencing and media sharing features bring added value to the project and the remote consultation process. Considering contactless alternatives are the norm since the pandemic, these features have an even greater impact.

The challenges.

Timely appointment scheduling

Planning staff based on consultation request volume was a significant challenge for Olive. Since all requests transit via video, the time spent waiting to be connected with an agent had to be kept to a minimum. With no previous statistical data to draw on, it was difficult to estimate peak times, volume, and video call average duration. 

To remedy this issue, we put significant effort into data collection. Our team also made sure to display the approximate wait time until mobile application pickup to better distribute requests and enhance the user’s confidence in the overall service speed.

Keep confidential data secure.

Olive was highly committed to ensuring all was done to keep the confidential data stored in their digital tools secure.

An independent system manages medical data from patient records, at arm’s length from the solution developed by Mirego. As for conversational data (video calls or chat messages), our team developed an information storing solution for medical consultation purposes in a fully secure, Canadian-based environment.


Paying users

After just over two months of existence, Olive had over 1,500 paying users out of approximately 6,000 application downloads.

Satisfaction after consultation

Users confirm their satisfaction with Olive after each visit with an average rating of 4.9 stars out of 5.

Overall rating

To date, Olive has a rating of 4.7 stars on the App Store, 4.6 stars on the Google Play Store and 4.6 stars on Google.

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