What we do .

Mirego is an end-to end digital product team. We work with our clients to envision, define, design and develop new digital products and services that fuel their growth.

We make digital products and services, period .

For the past 10 years, our team has focused on one single thing: creating game-changing digital products that fuel our clients’ digital transformation. Keeping that focus, we’ve built a unique expertise in what we believe truly matters when it comes to creating successful products: product strategy, design and engineering.

Digital products aren’t an afterthought for us. They are the lenses through which we see the world. They are the tools we’ve used in the past 10 years to build our clients’ future.

A mobile-first DNA .

One of the first mobile apps we created was featured in Apple’s very first “There’s an app for that” ad in Canada. Over the years, we’ve worked on hundreds of breakthrough and large-scale mobile apps. We’ve also created award-winning little gems for smaller clients that got worldwide recognition or often reinvented the way things were made.
Few teams in Canada have a fraction of our experience in creating, building and maintaining mobile applications. We are one of the very few mobile teams in the world and the only one in Canada that is both an Apple Mobility Partner and a member of the Google Agency Program.

With a multi-platform track record .

We build digital ecosystems that allow our clients to elevate their customers’ or employees’ experience at every step of their journey. Sometimes it’s on mobile, sometimes it’s not. 

Every project is different and every problem has its own solution. Over the years, we’ve built websites and apps for our clients that run on computers, phones, tablets, TVs, watches, 12-foot-high digital kiosks and personal home assistants.