Chocolats Favoris

Build loyalty towards chocolate experiences

  • Type E-commerce website, iOS & Android applications, POS integration, CMS, API
  • Launch year 2016

The challenge.

The days of stamps are over. Customer loyalty is an art that can be achieved through outstanding user experience and customer service. It’s not surprising that Chocolats Favoris opted for a digital solution that could integrate organically into their stores. Our vision? Enhance the loyalty program by using digital and loyalty engagement mechanics creating a fun and innovative way for friends and families to discover Chocolats Favoris' products.

Building brand loyalty.

Most loyalty programs are only keeping the customer loyal to a transaction (buy 9 coffees and get one for free). With Chocofan, the goal was first and foremost to build brand loyalty by giving customers challenges to achieve with their loved ones. Users always have access to a list of challenges they can achieve. Once the challenge is completed, they must take a picture to prove their achievement. This photo is then validated by an employee who can decide to allocate points to the customer or not. Every time a Chocofan collects points, he/she gets closer to the next level which will grant him/her new privileges and delicious rewards.

The magic of iterations.

Chocofan is an excellent example of the magic that can happen when users are consulted early in the design process. Several prototypes were created throughout the project. Putting our vision of a mobile loyalty program into customers’ hands from the very beginning was an excellent way to validate it. By letting users and employees test the prototypes created, we made many discoveries that pushed us to change our game plan and transform the project into a phenomenal success.

Listening, a virtue.

A few weeks before launch, the Chocolats Favoris community was offered prelaunch access on Facebook. As well as garnering enthusiasm, our efforts resulted in a list of 2,000 users who were excited to help us fix the bugs. The launch was a resounding success, with tens of thousands of challenges completed after just a few weeks. The app is still at the heart of the company’s loyalty strategy two years after its inception.

“The ChocoFan app is not a mandate we've given, it's a project we started together. Having Mirego in the ideation process made all the difference.”

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